Artist Statement

Painting is my life and my communion with life.  It is the primary vehicle through which my inner awareness is made visible, alive and real.  It is the place where I use color, shape and form to tell my stories.  It presents a challenging, yet joyful and satisfying experience.  With each canvas there is always a promise for an exciting journey; and I am never disappointed.

In my paintings, a thread and connection exists through the waves and water element and the circular form.   The shapes of water and circular form have appeared and re-appeared as a major subject matter and  theme.  We are born in and cannot exist without clear waters as we circle through life.

While in the act of making a painting, I am in a fluid interaction with the canvas, paint and brush.  It is physical and spontaneous, while, at times, it is thoughtful and slow going, as I allow the painting to unfold, lead and come alive.  At times, I am working very closely and other times, I am working at arms-length.  This approach to my canvas, flat on the wall, allows absolute freedom of expression, through physical movement, rhythm and motion, a duplication of the nature of water’s element.

Working in series is an integral part of my painting process as it affords depth of examination. My wave and water paintings present as large, abstract shapes, large brush strokes with depth of color.   Color selection and paint application is intuitive.   This is where I strive to communicate the various moods and the fleeting and changing moments of water.  I am intimately involved in this spontaneous act, being at one with the creative process.

In my paintings, I strive to synthesize my inner awareness and near-death experience with the outer world of nature.  My paintings are an interpretation of what’s possible through the experience of the element of water, the transcendence of water into light and form, and through the interpretation of the rhythm and movement of waves and waters of coastal areas.

The current focus of my painting is the exploration of yet another mood of 

water ~ its depth and stillness, as juxtaposed, to completed interpretations of large scale, overarching waves.