J. Aramanthea Kupco
   Fine Art Paintings

Artist Statement

In my paintings, a thread and a connection exists,

through which my soul expresses the otherworldliness I am aware of and I see permeates our universe.  It is the primary vehicle through which my invisible soul is made visible,

alive and real.

While in this act of making a painting, I am in a vibrational

interaction with the canvas, paint and brush.  I am intimately involved in a dance, this being at one with the

creative process.

Working in series is an integral part of my art-making. 

An idea or inspiration surfaces.  A shape or form may appear and

then re-appear as a major theme.  Color selection and paint

application are intuitive.  I do not question what comes. I am

being lead.

I have learned to trust my

intuition, my eyes and my soul in the creating.  Only when a

series or painting is completed, do I see all of the aspects of

my soul’s statement.  At times, it is amazing even to me,

the maker.

There is a tremendous feeling of oneness with all, while

in the act of painting.  It is, for me, an “actualization of presence”.

At the same time, the challenge presented with each new canvas

is a promise for an exciting journey; and I am never




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